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Silent letters

These cards illustrate words with silent letters. There are 24 in the set and should be a valuable resource.

Alphabet poster

I have spent some time updating the alphabet cards I create with a work colleague. They are a bit brighter and now have a new font that I made.  The cards can be used separately or as a A3 poster.  I use it with my students all the time and it works well.  

phonic cards

Here is a sample of some cards for use with students learning their sounds. The full set will be available for purchase soon.  

Garden gnomes in a  basic repeating pattern.

New work

I have a great new project keeping me busy. It is the illustrations for a website to be launched in March 2014. That seems so far away but I guess it will be here before we know it.  2013 has been my most successful illustrating year as I have completed freelance projects for Hinkler Education, […]

Chevron patterns

I have been following the instructions on this tutorial on how to make a chevron pattern. Maybe I will use these in future work.


I have been doing quite a few illustrations that I cannot show. So I decided to make my own illustration in a style similar to one of the projects that I have been working on. I chose the netball theme because as a mother of two daughters sometimes I can find myself watching 4 games […]

Illustration update

Very busy at the moment with illustrations. Unfortunately all are confidential.  I am thinking of updating and changing my website to Squarespace.  A little design that I may go with.   This seminar looks really good – THE ART OF MARKETING AND SELF PROMOTION FOR ILLUSTRATORS

Dept of Education work

Here’s some work I recently completed for the Department of Education: You can take the quiz to see some more like this