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Tricky Word Scoot

Today I am featuring a newish product, that I have recently added to my TPT shop. I made this because my student always get confused with there, their and they’re and also when to use too. Simply print, laminate and cut out these cards and place them around the room and print the recording sheet […]

Wonders of the World

For ages now I have wanted to do some work on ‘The Wonders of the World’. So finally near the end of a busy year I have managed to create some cards and worksheets on this topic. Still in the development and trial stages, we will see what my students think of the work this […]

Feelings and Emotions Cards

I have created new worksheets and some new cards to my Feelings and Emotions set. There are now 30 different cards!!! I will upload the new file soon, so if you have purchased this set you can download it again to see and use the new worksheets and cards. These new ones were a little […]

Kids getting active

Many of my illustrations of late have featured kids outdoors or getting active. A good thing too. My page on ILLUSTRATORSAUSTRALIA is now updated. Please check out my new work. I am very pleased with the finished work for SWIMMING AUSTRALIA (you can not see it yet but will keep you informed). Save Save Save […]

Fairy Tales

Just finishing off some Fairy Tale work. I have created a pack for bluwren based on four popular Fairy Tales – Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Jack and the Beanstalk. In the pack there are 20 ‘Who am I ?’ cards and follow up reading and […]

A new illustration for some education work.


Last week it was all about verbs and this week it is all about prepositions. It was the perfect day (very warm actually) for drawing. So I got to work and produced another set of cards. This time I re-used some of my favourite Australian animal characters to help me illustrate some common prepositions. I […]

Action Verbs

  Lately, it been all about verbs. I have used this poster and cards to help teach my students all about different actions. They love acting out the actions and then writing simple sentences. Next week, we are going to extend the sentences and make them more descriptive. With my older students we will learn […]


Over the past few months I have been busy building up resources for my bluwren store at teacherspayteachers. I have just finished some Farm who am I cards. Yesterday I used them with my students and they enjoyed them. These will be available for purchase soon.

feeling cards

Fun expressions to convey different feelings. On sale at Bluwren Teachers Pay Teachers store.