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Bluwren Boom Cards

I was busy during remote learning.

Daisy Delaney

Loved to Bits

New Illustrations

Free Downloads now available at bluwren

Hi there, it has been a long time. So long I couldn’t remember my username and password. Anyway I have just made some products free at my TPT store BLUWREN The alphabet cards were the first product that I made. These bright and colourful cards can be used to teach the English alphabet names and […]

New Artwork

This one is for my folio.    

The Magic of Miss Poly Loly

The Magic of Miss Poly Loly is now available for your kindle or as a hard copy. There will be 2 more stories to follow. I had fun illustrating these!

New work coming

The reason I haven’t been able to post lately is because I have been really busy with the illustrations for 4 books. Just getting ready to send off the final pages later today. So now I can make some new bluwren products. I was pleased to see the Mitcham Monsters I created in a video […]

Top Four Products

If you’re in need of some activities to help your EAL/ESL students, check out my four top selling products. I am so pleased that they have been received well by the buyers. Family Cards Families are made up of many different people who have different titles. This is a useful teaching resource when students are […]

Tricky Word Scoot

Today I am featuring a newish product, that I have recently added to my TPT shop. I made this because my student always get confused with there, their and they’re and also when to use too. Simply print, laminate and cut out these cards and place them around the room and print the recording sheet […]